I wrote something for here a while ago but it sent me back into my shell from being so navel gaze-y and meta. It was meant to be an explanation for this space.

I wrote it to remind myself but possibly also as a beacon because all it takes is one search for a very specific set of words and boom. That passes for crossing paths, nowadays.

But my words fail me lately and it’s back in development. It’ll be done soon enough.

There is never a bad time for the Crafsman. I’m learning to make these with him:

press the wrong button and…

a b-girl passes a lady of the night who is dressed for a coronation. but that's not why the b-girl trips and falls in front of a purple bucket.
you never know what could happen.

i guess i got off easy this time, all things considered.

and yeah i fucked up my theme and lost the old one in seconds. but then i got to thinking and remembered that you deserve one heck of a header image.

so i’m working on that. and working on work. and working on me.

d. downer

that was a pretty wack way to start this thing, i’ll admit. i’ve kinda forgotten how it’s done, but i’ll know when i figure it out. it’s not some dumb, vague thing with an “ish” at the end. when it’s working it just clicks.

for now here are some things my favorite subs published recently that make me so happy:

  • Michael Persad’s Instagram vs. Reality will probs be hilarious, he’s a smile a minute and a dreamboat too.
  • Speaking of dreams, Danny and Drew haven’t made anything new in the past couple of days, but they totally starred in 2 sex dreams I had this week. I’d say that’s pretty goddamn prolific, so… yeah.
  • James Allen McCune’s happiness research is promising.
  • penguinz0’s Old Men Hate Gamers should be fun.
  • is homestarrunner recycling right now? I can’t tell but i love it.
  • Edwin’s Generation got me way caught up on the latest on Zheani v. Die Antwoord and he’s literally the only person covering it in such detail and so he is beloved.
  • Lou the Human’s Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored Freestyle is not what I consider a “freestyle” but is still v cozy and I mean that forever.
  • Crafsman is always perfect, just perfect.

I have to rearrange the apartment I hate now in hopes of hating it less. Next time I’ll have something more interesting here, I think. But maybe not. Starting this off easy because the only thing worse than selling myself short is setting bullshit goals I stop planning to keep the minute I commit to them. That’s some bullshit.

So. Easy. Does it.

walled in

I don’t mean to and I know it might sound ungrateful, but I hate this apartment. Every time I turn around there’s a ghost of another me, a someone I could have been. They make me sick. *I* make me sick, tbh.